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A moment with Gwapa

We absolutely love Gwapa and of course, can't praise it enough! So when a Gwapa beauty loves it as much as we do, we have no choice but to share...

Chloe was looking for a skincare pick-me-up to help nourish and protect her skin. She was very excited to try Gwapa skincare and needless to say, she fell in love! Below are her thoughts on Gwapa's skincare range and how it helped her to achieve her skincare goals. www.acoldcupofchloe.com

"A woman who radiates beauty inside and out"
Dreamy skin with Gwapa

From the moment I opened my Gwapa order, I was met with an instant feeling of luxury. The packaging and products looked and felt incredible. The ingredients promised to include rich vitamins and minerals, which are non-toxic, cruelty-free, and environmentally friendly. 

I have highly sensitive skin so it’s important to find good quality skincare that won’t irritate my skin but will also give it the nourishment it needs. Now I’m in my thirties, I’m also looking for skincare products that are anti-aging. Gwapa ticked both these boxes with the skincare helping my skin feel glowy and healthy whilst also reducing fine lines and wrinkles.

Using Gwapa skincare gave me the feeling of being in a Day Spa from the comfort of my own home. The silky textures of the oils and the therapeutic sculpting tool took me to a place of relaxation and calm. Something desperately needed after a huge day of business and kids! I’ve been using the mask twice a week on days my skin (and sanity!) are needing a little more love. 

Since using Gwapa skincare, I’ve had more compliments on how healthy my skin looks and how much it glows. It has felt less puffy and I’ve noticed I’ve looked more awake in the mornings. It’s also made applying makeup easier as my skin texture has improved. For glowy, dreamy skin, use the serums on damp skin to lock in moisture.

If you’re looking for a skincare line that makes you feel AND look beautiful, I would highly recommend trying Gwapa.


Image and words by Chloe ( A Cold Cup of Chloe)